Get a Quote

When you would like to contact me for a quote, please either ring me on my landline or fill in the enquiry form. I will then return your call/enquiry in the evening to arrange a suitable time and date for me to visit you and give you a free quote for the required works for your consideration.


I always visit the site before quoting as every tree, job and site is unique. 


While quoting, I will give potential customers an idea of when the work could be done, depending on the tree species, nesting birds and my workload.


There are 3 ways in which I price jobs:

1) Fixed quote: a set price for all the work requested. This is my most common way of pricing as customers know exactly what work will be done and for what cost.

2) A day rate: An agreed figure for all my equipment and colleagues for a certain number of days. This gets used on large projects when the duration of the job is uncertain and the customer and I feel happier with this arrangement.

3) An hourly rate: This can be used on smaller jobs that may only take a few hours.


I don’t charge VAT as I am not VAT registered.


If you decide to go ahead with the quote I will check with the local planning office for Tree Preservation Orders and whether your property lies within a Conservation Area. If required, I will process all the paperwork necessary (this is already included in the price given).


I usually contact customers 1-2 weeks before the work is due to commence to arrange the final details.